Monday, October 31, 2011

Things are looking up

Hi everyone! I've spent time on my other blog and realized I was slowly letting this one go into the ground. So for an update!! My last post was about work, luckily things have definitely gotten better and I was given some great advice on how to deal with things of that nature. I'm slowly learning how to take some things with a grain of salt and not get so worked up. It takes time and sometimes meditation, but it's totally worth it in the end because I'm not taking it out on my husband later. We have a fun plan in place for the next year or so! We've been looking into buying some land in South-eastern Colorado and I couldn't be more excited. Though I've been raised a city girl my whole life, I am just so at peace in the country with the quiet. We're looking at about 35-40 acres, just to have space and eventually plant gardens, orchards, even raise some chickens and a pig or two help sustain our family. We've been very passionate about responsibly raised food and lately with all the food safety scares and documentaries about what is really going on with our food supply is something that we are very concerned about moving into the future as we start to raise a family.

I'm interviewing for a possible promotion today and I think I'm as ready as I possibly can be. I hope it all goes  well because I think it will present a good challenge for myself and I think I can be very successful. Only time will tell! I feel like it's a win-win for me though: I love the team I'm on now, so if I don't get it I get to stay with them through the next year, and if I do get it it is a promotion with better pay and closer to our house! So I'm feeling very positive, though still nervous because I absolutely dread interviews! So here's to the gods and goddesses watching over me today! Help me stay calm!

Hope all of you are having a Happy Halloween!!!!

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