Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Utterly Disgusted.....

So, I just finished watching Episode 3 of Season 2 of 16 and Pregnant. Normally, I don't make it habit to watch reality TV, but hey Stephen's at work, and the dog is sleeping...so I'm bored. MTV also hosted a live chat after show. I was UTTERLY APPALLED at how some women around this country can be so ruthless and hurtful. The people participating in this chat were ripping apart Valerie, the 15 year old young mother featured on the episode. Everything from calling her stupid, lazy, slutty, and a bad mother. Now, while it's clearly not the ideal situation to get pregnant at 15 by a guy who is so up and down with his priorities, that he doesn't know which is up...BUT that gives you NO RIGHT at attack someone you do not even know. You don't know the personal stories that were not shown on MTV, that most likely ended up on the cutting room floor. There was one particular girl, I won't give her the respect of calling her a woman, who was taking it as far as telling other young/single/married mothers that they should have 'closed their legs', calling them lazy and irresponsible, even if in the personal stories of some, they chose to take precautions using birth control. Common fact: THE ONLY 100% EFFECTIVE FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL IS ABSTINENCE! AND before you go on about how I must be a member of some crazy religious group...I am not. But the forms of birth control available to women are not 100% effective and never have been. There is always at least a 1% chance you could get pregnant if you are sexually active. And if someone finds themselves in a bad situation, the majority of men and women step up to the responsibility of parenthood, even it's not what was part of the plan. Strangers do not have the right to bash other people for personal choices.

But this is not the point of my post. The point of my post is that I do not understand how SO MANY PEOPLE around this country can be so hateful, negative, judgmental, and petty. Unless someone knows your personal story....tell them to stuff it. The only reason they are trying to put heat on you....is because they are clearly unhappy with themselves. I saw a number of women defend themselves to this girl, which they are not obligated to do by any means. But I give them kudos for standing up to someone who is out to hurt others she doesn't even know. Any young/unmarried/married/single parents: parenthood is hard at any age and I respect you for trying your best to raise your children to the best of your abilities! Karma is bitch.....and those who work hard will be rewarded. Those who are not....will be taken care of in their own time.