Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quick Update!

Ok, so according to the last post, we were waiting on the second approval from the bank for that house. Well in all that waiting, we still went out a looked at other houses, just in case another presented itself. Well one did! Right now we are 9 days away from closing on this house in Thornton. We were supposed to close on they 7th, but it was looking like that there could be some loan issues, so we had to back up and resubit the loan paperwork. It only pushed the closing back by a bit, and our lender said if we could push it through quicker, we definitely would. So we are just waiting for the approval on the loan and to get the appraisal redone. I will post more once we sign all the papers, or if something else happens. Not to mention pictures!! Keep your fingers crossed for us, we have been looking for almost a year now and have had lots of bumps in the road...but this one feels like it's it!!!!