Friday, January 22, 2010

Today's Mood: Hopeful!

Hi all! I'm just sitting, enjoying my day off and spending time with Spud, before I go clean our wreck of house. First, Woo Scott Brown for winning the Mass. Senate seat. This is one step in the direction of the government actually listening to what the PEOPLE want. Contrary to what certain people who are in power think, this country was founded on freedom and liberty. That does not mean making decisions and forcing through bills because YOU think you know what the PEOPLE WANT. Clearly, Demos, you don't. The President's job approval rating is down the tubes, and all I have to say is thankfully people are recognizing that this is not the direction they wanted their country to go. But I say to all of you, that is what happens when people vote based off of what their friends say, what the news says, and what makes you 'cool'. Do you own research and stand behind your own decisions. That is my rant...

On a second note, Congratulations to my pseudo in-laws, Zach and Erin! They have just purchased their first home together! Luckily, it's about 10 blocks North of Stephen and I, so we are looking forward to having family so close! Plus the dogs love hanging out together!! This weekend we will be helping them move and get everything settled. Sometimes I feel like we are still getting settled! Anyways, congrats you two! Enjoy it!

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